>Get Involved with AE911Truth

You can make a real difference in helping AE911Truth achieve its mission by getting involved as a volunteer. We encourage you to join one of our core volunteer teams listed below, or join a Local Action Group in your area, or contact us if there is another way you would like to help.


Core Teams



Web Team

The purpose of the Web Team is to build and maintain our online presence.


Writing Team

The purpose of the Writing Team is to publish technical articles, news updates, and other written materials.


Verification Team

The purpose of the Verification Team is to verify the credentials of each of our architect and engineer petition signers – an essential function for growing AE911Truth.


Translation Team

The purpose of the Translation Team is to translate AE911Truth’s materials into other languages so that our reach extends worldwide.


Presenters Team

The purpose of the Presenters Team is to give live presentations across the U.S. and around the world, directly educating members of the architecture and engineering professions as well as the general public.


Grassroots Organizing

The purpose of the Grassroots Organizing Team is to coordinate and support the efforts of Local Action Groups across the U.S. and around the world. .